We are Q Sciences.

Q Sciences offers a proven business plan, plus a team of dedicated leaders and a committed corporate staff to help you set and attain goals. In fact, creating opportunity and extending it to others is what drives us at Q Sciences each and every day.

How it works

1 Enroll new motivated teammembers and strengthen our team. The stronger our team becomes, the bigger your earnings will be.

2 Support your enrolled teammembers to make our team stronger. If they're doing well our team will be able to grow.

3 Ensure yourself of a residual income for years by earning teamcommisions, selling products and rank bonusses.

Experienced team

Our team consists of driven people with proven experience in MLM, marketing and sales. We all saw the same opporunity in Q Sciences which makes us a powerfull and motivated team. If you join us you will be part of the best performing team!

Strong compensationplan

The great thing about this compensation plan is that it is simple, easy to understand and therefore easy to explain to anyone within a few minutes. With this simple plan everybody can easily achieve their first 3 ranks within the first month. In just a few months more, you can create a nice residual income, which will continue to pay you forever.


It's important that every teammember transcends. That's why Q Sciences commits to training and support. We'll improve your skills with documentation, webinars and live training. With this wide arrange of knowledge we will help you to improve your performance.


Q Sciences gives you the opportunity to use your marketing skills at full. Your creativity is highly appreciated and we'll make sure that we'll support you. There are many marketing ways to enhance our team, which is yours...?